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Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats 1992


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Kaiser Hill RCRA Facility Investigation, 2006


DOE Rocky Flats Site Regulatory Documents


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Map cited from the Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats, 1992

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The Ambushed Grand Jury


Rocky Flats Right To Know


Rocky Flats Downwinders


Alliance For Nuclear Accountability


Nuclear Watch New Mexico

Rocky Flats is a former nuclear weapons plant 16 miles North West of Denver that operated from 1952-1989.  The plant manufactured 70,000 plutonium bomb triggers for the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.



Urgent Goals for Public Health Include:

  • No public recreation at Rocky Flats

  • Halt the Rocky Mountain Greenway

  • Prevent construction of the Jefferson Parkway



This website is a resource for comprehensive information regarding Rocky Flats.  Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship includes a 40 year history of public engagement beginning with the Rocky Flats Truth Force in 1978.


The Nuclear Guardianship Ethic is proposed as an evolving expression of values to guide decision-making on the management of radioactive materials.

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Attend Community Meetings

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