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Rocky Flats: Overcoming a Toxic Past

Highland City Club presents:
LeRoy Moore, PhD
Founder Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship

Wednesday, May 27th


This presentation offers a brief look at the complex and controversial history of the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, from the beginning of production in 1952 to the rise of massive opposition in the 1970s and 80s and the end of production after the FBI raided the plant in 1989 to collect data of illegal activity. Following this are key details of the questionable Superfund “cleanup” of the site that left to local people a permanently contaminated environment that endangers public health.


Highland City Club presents:
Photographing Atomic America  

with James Crnkovich and Robert Del Tredici

Friday, June 12th



Both James Crnkovich and Robert Del Tredici have been photographing the nuclear age for three decades. They will take viewers on an odyssey through the lands of the Bomb. James specializes in cultural manifestations of nuclear weapons. Capturing community responses to Bomb factories in back yards; Robert has gained access to the mines, reactors, and waste pits of the Bomb, capturing many of the nuclear pioneers that have made the US Nuclear Weapons Complex what it is today. They will share imagery, describe encounters, and tell stories from the nuclear world.


Highland City Club presents:

Rocky Flats: A Detective Story, by Harvey Nichols, Ph.D.


Tuesday June 23rd

Highland City Club presents:

Patently Illegal Activities

Presentation by Jon Lipsky, M.A.S, FBI, Retired


Wednesday July 22nd


Highland City Club presents:

The Dangerous Truth of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Presentation by 

Dr. Michael Ketterer


Dr. Iggy Litaor


Tuesday, August 4th

The Rocky Flats Technical Group invites you to a special opportunity to hear tworenowned scientists, Dr. Iggy Litaor and Dr. Michael Ketterer, present and discuss their fresh assessments of plutonium contamination in the soil of Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge (RFNWR). Dr Litaor is visiting from Israel and conducted fieldwork on site at Rocky Flats, and Dr. Ketterer is the head of the Chemistry Department at Metro State University in Denver and specializes in plutonium contamination in the environment. The Rocky Flats Technical Group, an organization with over 200 years of combined experience with the Rocky Flats site, strongly believes that these new findings have significant implications for the management of RFNWR. 

Highland City Club presents:

Airborne Plutonium Contamination and Rocky Flats

Presentation by Gale Biggs, Ph.D


Wednesday August 19th

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