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If you can donate your time or skills, please contact us!


If you would like to attend a Tuesday meeting please RSVP to, or via the contact form below:




Thank you for contacting us!

Please refer to the Events page to speak with others in Nuclear Guardianship and participate


Please click below to see other ways you can help

Please help us raise money

for citizen sampling and a grassroots campaign to protect public health.


Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship work is at present focused on:


  • a citizen sampling project to determine plutonium concentration on land at Rocky Flats proposed for either a highway or bikeway and,


  • a grassroots campaign with bicyclists, environmentalists and others to stop construction of the highway or bikeway while also keeping the Rocky Flats site closed to public recreation.


This work can move ahead only with generous support from people like you. Donations of any amount are tax deductible through the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center.

Checks may be mailed to:

RMPJC, P.O. Box 1156, Boulder, Colorado 80306

Please make sure your donation is designated for Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship.

Your tax-deductible donation will be gratefully acknowledged.




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