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Technical Resources


Figure of water monitering locations and precipitation gages, cited from DOE LM Rocky Flats Site, Colorado, Quarterly Report of Site Surveillance and Maintenance Activities


Third Quarter Calendar Year 2017 (January 2018)


Second Quarter Calendar Year 2017 (October 2017)


Additional Overviews available at the DOE LM website


For source material of the reportable conditions, refer to the Regulatory Contact Records on the DOE Office of Legacy Management website






Video Resources From Scientists and Experts 





Scientists and experts discuss safety concerns at Rocky Flats and why they believe the site should remain closed to the public. 7/27/17 "Rocky Flats Right to Know" panel discussion with Dr. LeRoy Moore, Dr. David Snow, Anne Fenerty, Dr. Gale Biggs and Jon Lipsky - moderated by Dr. Harvey Nichols.



May 2015 - August 2015  A 6 part series including presentations by Dr. LeRoy Moore, Dr. Harvey Nichols, Robert Del Tredici and

James Crnkovich, Jon Lipsky M.A.S, Dr. Michael Ketterer, 

Dr. Iggy Litaor and Dr. Gale Biggs

Rocky Flats Site History         



Timeline for Rocky Flats in the Nuclear Era


Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats 1992




Video Archives


Papers by LeRoy Moore PhD


Kaiser Hill RCRA Facility Investigation, 2006

Synopsis, 2016

Corresponding Figures


Rocky Flats Legacy Management Agreement, 2007



903 Area          



Kaiser Hill Documented Safety Analysis



Picture of the 903 area - approximately 5,000 barrels were removed in 1968 

DOE Documents          



DOE Rocky Flats Site Regulatory Documents

DOE Regulatory Contact Records

DOE Key Document Archive


Proposed Plan, 2006




Resources and Links           



The Ambushed Grand Jury


Alliance For Nuclear Accountability

Accountability Audit (2017)

Trillion Dollar Trainwreck (2016)

The Growing U.S. Nuclear Threat (2015)


Nuclear Watch New Mexico

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