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LeRoy Moore

A former academic, LeRoy Moore, PhD, has focused on the Rocky Flats nuclear bomb plant since he learned about its existence in 1978. He worked with many others to end production at Rocky Flats, and then advocated for the best possible cleanup, only to be disappointed with a cheaper, less responsible outcome. 



LeRoy Moore is the author of numerous articles, papers, and op-eds on all aspects of the Rocky Flats issue. He served on various oversight bodies related to Rocky Flats, and for several years was a member of two committees of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. From 1980 until he retired in 1996, he taught courses on nonviolent social change at the University of Colorado. A father and a grandfather, he resides in Boulder, Colorado.

LeRoy Moore’s Blog 

(News about Rocky Flats and other important issues)



Plutonium is Forever 

(Editorial opinion published in Boulder Daily Camera 1/29/12)



Plutonium and the Jefferson Parkway Another Look 

(Scientists sample soil from the edge of Rocky Flats)



The Gift of Nonviolence (video)



Rocky Flats Book & Media List
(Compiled by LeRoy Moore for the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum.)


Papers by LeRoy Moore, PhD


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