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Action based on the Precautionary Principle


  Stop intrusive land management that could stir contaminated soil

Prevention of Controlled Burns

A prescribed burn on the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge was canceled on January 30th 2015 due to public opposition by local communities and a petition to prevent the prescribed burn


A letter was written by the Metro Mayors Caucus to express appreciation for the decision of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to postpone controlled burning operations on the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge


Letter from the Metro Mayors Caucus

From the February 19, 2015 AQCC meeting minutes:


Public Comment:

Chair Teague asked if there were any members of the public who wished to make a comment on any air pollution issue not on the agenda.

Public comments were received regarding the Rocky Flats prescribed burn permit. Verbal and written comments were received from Mary Harlow and Jon Lipsky who expressed their opposition to the use of prescribed fire at the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge. Though a previously planned burn was canceled, the commenters requested that the Commission schedule a more detailed discussion of the issue at a future meeting. The Commission concurred and directed staff to schedule such a discussion in advance of any future scheduled burn. Written comments were also received from Dr. Harvey Nichols.


Letter from Dr. LeRoy Moore December 22nd, 2014


Letter from Dr. Harvey Nichols January 25th, 2015


February 19, 2015 AQCC meeting minutes


AQCC past 12 months of meeting documents

An op-ed was written by LeRoy Moore and published in the Boulder Daily Camera on 2/20/2015 about what is next to prevent a prescribed burn in the future.


Op-ed by LeRoy Moore 2/20/2015

A new petition was created to prevent future prescribed burns

A Series of Presentations at the Highland City Club

May 2015 - August 2015  A 6 part series including presentations by Dr. LeRoy Moore, Dr. Harvey Nichols, Robert Del Tredici and

James Crnkovich, Jon Lipsky M.A.S, Dr. Michael Ketterer, 

Dr. Iggy Litaor and Dr. Gale Biggs


Rocky Flats: Overcoming a Toxic Past

The USFWS smoke management permit for the Rocky Flats NWR expired on 12/31/2015. 


Members of the Rocky Flats Technical Group are to be notified if Fish & Wildlife apply for a burn permit in the future.

Prevention of Construction

of the Jefferson Parkway

Photo of  high priority cleanup sites at Rocky Flats, cited from page 56 of the Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats 1992



Paper by Randy Stafford, Member Jefferson Parkway Advisory Committee May 17, 2018




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