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Keep the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Closed to Public Recreation


The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge is surrounding an active superfund site


To open the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge would be an unnecessary risk to public health and safety


Stop the Rocky Mountain Greenway from being built through Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge


Photo of  high priority cleanup sites at Rocky Flats, cited from page 56 of the Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats 1992



The 903 Pad


In the late 1950s and 1960s, barrels of waste oil and solvents contaminated with plutonium and uranium were stored outdoors at the 903 Area of the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Many barrels leaked, contaminating the soil around them. The barrels were removed in the late 1960s, leaving freshly disturbed soil open to the elements. Windstorms then blew some of this soil away, causing off-site plutonium contamination east and southeast of the plant. In 1969, an asphalt "pad" was placed over the most contaminated area


Link to Description by CDPHE

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