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Documentary - On the Tracks


A small group of protesters got arrested at a nuclear bomb factory near Denver, Colorado in 1978. No one expected the 1 day demonstration would keep going. Or that Daniel Ellsberg, Allen Ginsberg, and 15,000 people would show up. A young photographer named Joseph Daniel captured these iconic images of the year-long occupation, the protesters blocking trains, and police arresting hundreds of people. The “Truth Force” protests drew international attention to the danger of the Nuclear Arms Race.


Published June 14th 2018

Documentary - Rocky Flats Nationals


A documentary created by students in Boulder CO about the history of Rocky Flats.  The documentary won 1st place in Colorado for the National History Day contest. 


Published June 9th 2018

Scientists and experts discuss safety concerns at Rocky Flats and why they believe the site should remain closed to the public. 7/27/17 "Rocky Flats Right to Know" panel discussion with Dr. LeRoy Moore, Dr. David Snow, Anne Fenerty, Dr. Gale Biggs and Jon Lipsky - moderated by Dr. Harvey Nichols.


Published July 29th 2017



May 2015 - August 2015  A 6 part series including presentations by Dr. LeRoy Moore, Dr. Harvey Nichols, Robert Del Tredici and

James Crnkovich, Jon Lipsky M.A.S, Dr. Michael Ketterer, 

Dr. Iggy Litaor and Dr. Gale Biggs



On June 6, 7, and 8, 2014 the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities hosted a multifaceted art and humanities event commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the raid on Rocky 
Flats nuclear weapons plant, 16 miles northwest of the Denver Metro area. It featured an art and history exhibit (including photographs and artifacts from the Rocky Flats plant) and panel discussions focusing on the raid and its consequences, including a grand jury investigation and subsequent disputed settlement of charges involving environmental crimes.


Speakers included former Colorado Governor Roy Romer, former U.S. Representative David Skaggs, former FBI agent Jon Lipsky, and several plant workers, neighbors, activists, and experts.


Born Again - Denial and Eternally Recurring Surprise in Nuclear Waste Management,   a slide presentation by Robert Del Tredici 


May 12, 2011, Naropa University, Boulder Colorado
from Rocky Flats, a Call to Guardianship
a lecture series on the sterwardship of nuclear waste
sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
and the Environmental Studies Department of Naropa University.
Production: Jeremiah Lyman Moore
black and white photographs (c) Robert Del Tredici



Published on Mar 18, 2012


Documenting Denver Water's misguided scramble for the last of the Colorado River



Quest for Peace in the 21st Century

A Series of Presentations from the University of Calfornia Irvine


Presenters include:


Jon Lipsky, FBI Special Agent (Retired)


LeRoy Moore PhD



Published on Aug 3, 2015


Frontline PBS episode on the secrets of Rocky Flats bomb factory. Many of the characters involved are still fighting for the truth to be revealed. The bomb factory has since been decommissioned and transfered to the Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife refuge. Many people who are privy to the plants history are concerned over the Fish and Wildlife's plan to open the refuge to the public. Since the transfer of the land as a wildlife refuge the history of the plant has been largely forgotten and several housing developments are springing up around the highly contaminated site.

"Secrets of a Bomb Factory," originally aired on Oct. 26, 1993. "Wes McKinley didn't know what he was getting into when, in 1990, he was chosen as foreman of a special grand jury investigating potential crimes at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado. But what McKinley and the other grand jurors learned in their two-and-one-half years of listening to testimony and examining other evidence disturbed them enough to risk prosecution themselves by going public. FRONTLINE examines what the grand jury learned and what led to their rebellion."

Published on Feb 6, 2014


This silent film shows the final preparation and loading of the "Fat Man" bomb into "Bockscar," the plane which dropped the bomb on Nagasaki. It then shows the Nagasaki explosion from the window of an observation plane. This footage comes from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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