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CINQ: Westword Article

Greetings, In case you missed it, this article appeared in Westword Dec. 20. Patricia Calhoun’s piece focuses on the issue of Plutonium at Rocky Flats. The Town of Superior has filed a lawsuit againts US Fish & Wildlife to stop the land deal and the road. The article refers to negotations between Golden and toll road proponents, but we now know those negotiations have failed. What is next is anyone’s guess.

Plans for the Jefferson County Parkway are kicking up lots of dust

By Patricia Calhoun Tuesday, Dec 20 2011

On December 14, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it had completed planning for a western expansion of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge — that’s the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons plant, minus several hundred acres that are deemed too contaminated to ever go public — as well as the exchange of a 300-foot right-of-way, comprising approximately a hundred acres, on the refuge’s eastern border. That decision paves the way for the Jefferson Parkway, a proposed four-lane toll road that would go through that right-of-way, finishing the metro beltway that’s been the subject of a down-and-dirty fight for decades.

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