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CINQ: No Water to Waste

Greetings, Know more about sprawl in Jefferson County, WATCH THIS FILM.

No Water to Waste, is a brilliant documentary by local film makers Gabrielle Louise and Chris Garr that reveals the concentrated and organized effort by local politicians and developers to push sprawl in Jefferson County. In the name of money, pro-development forces want to take more water from the Colorado and Frasier Rivers, damaging these ecosystems, and expand Gross Dam. Developer’s plans would build more homes on Open Land, create more traffic congestion on sub-par public roads, further degrade our air quality – AND build a private toll road on contaminated land (Rocky Flats), threatening public health. This film is about the on-going shame, lies and deceit being perpetuated on our community by developers and unscrupulous politicians – in the name of profit.

No Water to Waste will be featured in the Colorado Environmental Film Festival this February 24th. Additionally, a preview for the film and some live director’s commentary will be featured at an event January 20th to help promo the film and the festival. I’m playing some live entertainment for the evening to compliment the films being previewed. More information on both events is listed here:

Also, check out the film’s web site Take a moment to make a contribution to one of the orgs. Every penny goes to advocacy. Special thanks to Gabrielle and Chris for their extraordinary effort.

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