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Map of Rocky Flats site showing land retained by the Department of Energy (the central more contaminated part of the site) and land now managed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) as the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. The yellow strip down the eastern edge of the Refuge is the land FWS made available for construction of the Jefferson Parkway. The square plot of land at the southwest corner of the Refuge (shaded brown) is Section 16, slated to be transferred to Fish & Wildlife as part of the deal to create the Parkway.

Map showing relatively heavy plutonium contamination of soil on and off the Rocky Flats site, with the darker colors signifying heavier concentrations, lighter colors lighter concentrations. This map was produced in 1970 by two scientists from the Atomic Energy Commission, predecessor to the Department of Energy. The plume of contamination shown on the map extends across about 30 square miles of land beyond the border of the Rocky Flats site. The dotted red line was added to show the route of the proposed Jefferson Parkway.

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