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Raising Awareness About Ongoing Dangers at Rocky Flats - Interview of Former FBI Agent Jon Lipsky by

Link to Radio Interview here:

“Why hasn’t the EPA publicly disclosed their sample analysis results from the 1989 search?”

In 1989 Jon Lipsky, an agent with the FBI based in Denver, lead a raid on the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant which ultimately lead to a federal grand jury investigation.

Although Lipsky retired from the FBI in 2004, he is still involved in raising awareness about the ongoing dangers at Rocky Flats. He says some local officials are rewriting the history of Rocky Flats “to make people feel comfortable that live in the adjacent area, that they’re safe.”

Lipsky is working with a group of local activists to prevent the Fish and Wildlife Service from doing controlled burns at the site due to the possibility of plutonium being released into the air.

“The people that live in and around Candelas, what are they left to believe if the government is saying it’s OK?”

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