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March 23, 2017 Terrie Barrie to NIOSH ABRWH Presentation

~ March 23, 2017 NIOSH Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health presentation by Ms. Terrie Barrie ~

Submitted by Charles Saunders, Petitioner, and Terrie Barrie, Co-Petitioner, for the Rocky Flats Special Exposures Cohort (SEC) petition, number 0192.

Thank you, Dr. Melius and members of the Board for allowing the opportunity to present the petitioner’s position before the full board votes on expanding the SEC beyond December 31, 1983. My name is Terrie Barrie and I’m the co-petitioner for Rocky Flats’ SEC petition 0192. While the work group permitted Charles Saunders, the petitioner, and I to make comments during the meetings, we were not always provided this courtesy before the Work Group voted on the various white papers and NIOSH positions. Denying this opportunity to weigh in before a vote prevented the Working Group (WG) from hearing the Rocky Flats advocates and their site experts’ objections NIOSH’s approach. Our concerns may have prompted further discussions and investigations and even perhaps a reversal of a previous position. But because the petitioners were not heard, these concerns were not addressed

For instance, the Work Group accepted, on February 9, 2017, NIOSH’s position on reconstructing dose for the Critical Mass Lab before I had the opportunity to present the petitioner’s objections and concerns to NIOSH’s revised white papers. I will talk about that in a bit.

The ten-minute time limit is not sufficient for the petitioners to relay the details of our position. While I will strive to observe the restriction, I ask that this document also be entered into the administrative record.

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