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DOE Provides Funding for CDPHE

See the following documents regarding DOE funding for the CDPHE Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division. This is a conflict of interest for a Federal agency to be funding their regulatory oversight. CDPHE claims this is normal, however we need our elected officials to listen and acknowledge the citizens that know this conflict of interest is inappropriate.

For, example:

On the CDPHE “Frequently Asked Questions” there is one question that asks “Can inhalation of even one particle of plutonium result in cancer in humans?”

In response, CDPHE cites a single study that says “Based on our calculations, millions of dust particles contaminated with PuO2 (plutonium oxide) must be inhaled in order for significant radiation doses to be delivered to key body organs/tissues (bone surface, red marrow, lung, liver)”. (Scott, B.R., et al, 1999, Recommendations for improving the interim radionuclide soil action levels for the Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute.)

Has the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute received funding from the Atomic Energy Commission and/or Department of Energy? Answer: YES "The Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory site was a research facility originally created by the Atomic Energy Commission"

Why does CDPHE neglect to acknowledge additional studies to understand the full range of science on this issue? For example a study from Columbia University found “These data provide direct evidence that a single alpha particle traversing a nucleus will have a high probability of resulting in a mutation and highlight the need for radiation protection at low doses.” (Hei et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 94, April 1997, pp. 3765-3770.)

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