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Broomfield Removed Jefferson Parkway Funding From Their Agenda

September 1st 2019

Our organizing is working. Thank you to everyone in the community who has brought their voice to this important public health issue. We have successfully delayed funding for the Jefferson Parkway. During this time, the community and local governments have had more time to study the impacts from Rocky Flats. Please stay tuned for next steps to continue organizing.


Please email the Broomfield City Council at:

Thank the Council for taking the time to study this important public health issue. Reinforce their decision to halt plans for funding the Jefferson Parkway. Ask them to continue to take leadership to study the issue and protect public health.

Broomfield sent this statement on September 1st 2019:

"At this time, based on a result of the soil samples conducted by the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA), there are no on-going activities to further the selection of a private partner for the Jefferson Parkway. As stated in material distributed by the JPPHA, they await the lead of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on next steps regarding public health and safety.

Given the recent test results and the Council’s feedback, the Parkway is not moving forward at this time. There are no ordinances nor resolutions pending in front of the Broomfield City Council.

One remaining issue that is on the table is the costs that have been incurred by the JPPHA on testing of the right-of-way, in response to reservations expressed by Broomfield. At the Council’s direction, staff may prepare a memo to discuss a financial contribution by Broomfield to the JPPHA to cover some portion of the testing costs, this discussion will be held in a public forum."

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