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Denver City Council Supports an International Ban on Nuclear Weapons

On Monday, March 22nd, the Denver City Council unanimously voted in favor of a proclamation in support of the Global Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons!

The Treaty, which officially became international law on January 22nd, 2021, makes it illegal to use, produce, or distribute nuclear weapons. Denver's unanimous decision to pass this proclamation is an important step in changing norms in the United States around nuclear weapons development and use, moving us closer to an era in which nuclear weapons are obsolete.

You can read the signed Proclamation at this link.

You can view the City Council Meeting discussion and vote at this link, beginning at minute 20:40.

Building on the momentum of this proclamation, it is crucial that we turn to other Colorado local governments and urge them to pass similar proclamations or resolutions. Stay tuned for a similar effort in Boulder!


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